Happy Halloween, Chicago Real Estate Superheroes!

October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween to all parcels of metro Chicago real estate and to each one’s occupants, as well.

This year’s winning home belongs to Zoletta from Galewood, Chicago, who said this of her decorations: “Almost everything is handmade out of odds and ends from the local thrift stores, including the scarecrow, the boy in pjs, the corpse on the front porch, the witch, the werewolf carrying the bride, the old lady, and the burglar.”

We have dedicated this entire post to Zoletta’s decor; click each pic to see it larger.

Then, check out other reader’s Halloweened-out homes at:

What’s Halloween Without a Dressed-Up House?

Thank you to Zoletta and to all our readers who sent in pictures this year. We’ll be ready for your winter holiday home pictures when you’re ready!

Happy Halloween!

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