Bad Rental Experience Could Earn You Free Rent

November 02, 2011

Hey Chicago real estate renters: Got a rental horror story? It could earn you a free month’s rent.

Curbed is asking renters all over the country to share their scary tales of awful apartments, illegal leases, ludicrous landlords, Craigslist crazies and everything else rental and ridiculous.

The best story will get that renter one month of rent for free. Well, up to $2,500. If you are paying more than that in rent, you probably don’t need a free month as much as others.

But a horror story is a horror story, and if you have one, now is the time to use it.

This is a national contest, but it also focuses on nine individual markets, including Chicago.

All you have to do is relive your horrific memories through words and submit your entry to Curbed Chicago.

The best entries will be posted by Thursday, November 10, then the public will get to go online and vote for their favorites.

One national winner will be declared the following week and will be living rent-free soon after.

Your experience does not have to be set in Chicago, but you must currently live in Chicago. Send your tales of woe to the Curbed Tipline at

If you live in one of the other featured cities — New York, Hamptons, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle — you can find your market by clicking here.

If you are from any other area of the country, send your story to

Good luck, Chicago renters!

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