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November 15, 2011

interior design tips from leslie schlesingerWould you ever cut down a tree just because? Of course not. That’s how we feel about buying a piece of new furniture when we could use an old one, just in a new way. It’s called repurposing, and it’s not a new idea. Our great, great, great grandparents did it, but that’s because new furniture wasn’t just down the road at a super store or ordered online and magically delivered (and set up) in their homes.

But the practice also makes sense today in so many ways. It saves money. It saves natural resources (like the wood and materials to construct the piece and the fuel to ship it across the globe). It makes a statement. No one else will have the same piece of furniture as you.

So, to help you get in the furniture repurposing frame of mind, here are a few tips from Leslie Schlesinger Interiors.

• Be open to the idea of putting furniture in a different room, or with a different purpose or function than it was original intended. Who says a cabinet that was once used in an office to hold books can’t be moved to a breakfast area to hold extra dishes?

• Don’t be afraid to make modifications to furniture. The great thing about older furniture is that it was generally well constructed with high quality materials, so was built to withstand years of our unsettledness and desire for change in home design. And newer, quality wood furniture is expensive, so if you have a good solid piece, you’ll save money over time if you can find ways to make it new again. A

• Don’t throw away or give up on a piece of furniture that is slightly damaged. Take a chest with missing or broken drawers and cover those missing drawers with a fabric curtain hung on a tension rod. Shorten a taller table with a broken leg to kid’s size by trimming off its legs.

• Don’t be afraid to use fabric and paint. Do you get nervous just at the thought of entering a fabric store or the paint section of a hardware store? These two can be your best friend when it comes to repurposing. Hanging fabric curtains with a tension rod in front of bookcases or to replace broken doors on a hutch can make an instant change that you’ll love. Cover a sofa with a new slipcover for another instant change that will make a huge impact.

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