Hibernian Development, LLC wins Silver Key Award for Winnetka House

November 16, 2011

Chicagoland Real Estate Forum congratulates Hibernian Development, LLC for winning a Silver Key Award in the category of “Excellence in New Construction: Semi- Custom and Spec Home under 4,000 sq. ft.” for a residence at 1004 Pine Tree Lane in Winnetka.

In 2009, Hibernian Development LLC, was contracted by the owners of 1004 Pine Tree Lane to design and build a single-family home on the place of their old existing house. The old structure on the site was dysfunctional, outdated and in a wide contrast with the surrounding homes.

Hibernian Development and the owner of the lot worked together to design and build a new home of exceptional value, suite to the family’s needs. Construction work began in 2010 and the result is an elegant, environmentally friendly home with functional layout, impeccable workmanship and modern state-of-the-art technology that compliments the surrounding neighborhood.

The direct and indirect benefits of this development include:

*The owner of the home acquired new construction at a reasonable price for this neighborhood.

*Increased value of the surrounding homes.

*Hibernian Development LLC was able to build the home working in partnership with the Village of Winnetka.

*With the new home being occupied, the Village of Winnetka added to its tax roll, helping to provide additional revenue for parks, schools and community organizations.

The Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago Key Awards were created in 1972 to recognize excellence in housing design, architecture, interior merchandising, remodeling and landscaping. It has since evolved into one of the premier housing programs in the country.

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