Monitor Hard Credit Inquiries to Avoid a Hard Time

November 22, 2011

bad credit scoresSometimes surprises are pleasant – a birthday party, 2-for-1 sales, finding $5 on the sidewalk. Others can be rather unpleasant, such as being denied a loan due to low credit scores. A recent post on the FreeScore blog, “Unauthorized Credit Inquiries: Don’t Be Caught Off Guard,” explains that much of this unpleasantness can be prevented with knowledge.

Do you know the difference between “hard” and “soft” credit inquiries? A hard inquiry is made when a person or company is making a lending decision. These inquiries usually lower your credit score by a few points and stay on your report for six months. A soft inquiry is usually made when no lending decision is required and does not affect your credit scores.

The article cites a Consumerist story as a warning for those unaware of their credit scores. According to the story, a Consumerist reader called his cable company to downgrade his service and reduce costs. He was in the middle of building a house and trying to cut back on expenses. A short time after his call, the cable company initiated a hard credit inquiry without his knowledge. If he hadn’t been signed up for a credit monitoring service, he probably would have never known about the inquiry. Because the reader was in the middle of applying for a mortgage, a dip in his credit scores could have resulted in a higher interest rate. Luckily, he contacted the company and got an employee to request that the inquiry be removed.

This story has a happy ending because the reader kept tabs on his credit scores. If you’d like to arm yourself with the same knowledge, sign up for the Power of 3 from FreeScore. This service provides access to your credit scores from the three major credit bureaus, guards you against fraud with 24/7 credit monitoring, and sends you automatic credit alerts of sudden changes, such as a new credit inquiry.

With help from FreeScore, you’ll be in control of your credit and be able to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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