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December 01, 2011

Welcome to December, my Chicago real estate neighbors. It is Hi Neighbor Month, so let me start by saying, “Hi!”

Each month, we tell you about the observances and celebrations that will be honored over the next 30 days, though there aren’t many during December. Guess the people who think up these things felt there was enough going on during this busy holiday month.

But don’t worry, we still found some:

December marks the start of the Overnight Parking Winter Ban in Chicago. To read about that, click the pic.

December is Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month: It’s very important to shred your unwanted personal documents to protect your identity.

It’s also National Safe Toys and Gifts Month: Very apropos for this time of year.

It’s National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month: This should be observed every month.

It’s also National Stress-free Family Holidays Month: Yeah, right.

We already talked about Hi Neighbor Month: For tips on how to say hi to yours, click here.

And the kicker: It’s supposedly Awareness Month of Awareness Months. I kid you not.

Weekly observances in December include:

1-7: Tolerance Week: Is this the same as National Stress-free Holidays Month?

6-12: National Handwashing Awareness Week: This one should be observed every single day!

10-17: Human Rights Week: Sounds good.

25-31: It’s About Time Week: I’ve been waiting all year for this one.

There are some good December daily observances too:

December 1: Special Kids Day, World AIDS Day and Rosa Parks Day

December 2: National Mutt Day

December 3 is National Roof Over Your Head Day. Be happy for yours in this tough real estate economy.

December 3: National Roof Over Your Head Day

December 5: Bathtub Party Day and International Volunteer Day for Economic & Social Development

December 7: Pearl Harbor Day

December 10: Human Rights Day

December 11: International Children’s Day

December 16: National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day

December 20: First night of Chanukah

December 21: National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day, World Peace Day, National Flashlight Day, Forefathers Day, Humbug Day and Look on the Bright Side Day

December 23: Festivus for the rest of us

December 24: Christmas Eve

December 25: Christmas Day

December 26 to January 1: Kwanzaa

December 26: National Thank You Note Day and National Whiner’s Day

December 31: New Year’s Eve and Make Up Your Mind Day

Seems there’s some disagreement over when National Chocolate Day should be observed this month, so I say honor it as often as possible just to be safe.

Have a great month of December no matter what you observe!

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