Send Us Pictures of Your Decked-Out Homes

December 11, 2011

Have you decorated your home for the holidays yet?

Have you sent us a picture of it so we can post it on Chicago Real Estate Forum?

Despite the dreary economy, Americans are in the holiday mood. According to the National Retail Federation, U.S. consumers are on track to spend $6 billion decorating their homes for the holiday season this year.

That will lead to an expected 8 percent increase in spending this year on LED holiday lights, inflatable lawn decorations and Christmas trees, real and otherwise; the most spent since the NRF started tracking this data in 2005.

So, if you are going to spend the money and time decorating, why not be rewarded for it?

Take a picture or two of your decked-out home and email them to, and we will post the picture of your handiwork for all to admire.

Please include the city in which your home lives. We will not include your full name or address, unless you want us to!

Help us get in the holiday spirit; send your pictures today!

Haven’t decorated yet? To see some holiday decorating safety tips that will protect your home, kids and pets, click here.

Happy holiday season!

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