Illinois Owns Nation’s Highest Move-Out Rate

December 26, 2011

More people are moving out of Illinois and Chicago real estate than almost anywhere in the country.

Moving company United Van Lines has released data from 2011 to show that the bulk of their customers in Illinois were moving out of the state.

For 2011, United tracked 113,916 interstate moves from January 1 through December 9. Most states’ percentages neared the 50 percent mark.

But Illinois, along with New Jersey, tied for the largest outbound migration in the country, with each recording 60.5 percent of the moves in those states involving people relocating elsewhere.

St. Louis-based United Van Lines, the nation’s largest moving company, has been tracking state-by-state migration patterns since 1977, and its data is respected and used by many real estate companies. The study tracks the number of moves throughout the year and does not find out why people are moving.

But one major reason for people leaving town revolves around jobs. Since Illinois increased its income tax rate, many major corporations have threatened to relocate to states that offer better tax deals.

In fact, this year, Illinois lost more jobs than almost any other state in the country.

So where are the jobs? In politics, apparently. For the fourth year in a row, Washington D.C. marked the highest percentage of people moving into its state with 62.2 percent. Other top inbound states included North Carolina and Oregon, in which 60.6 percent of the moves were into those states.

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