Free Honeymoon for Cook County’s First Couple

January 01, 2012

Getting married in 2012? The first couple to tie the knot in Cook County this year will get a free stay in a fancy parcel of Chicago real estate.

The Cook County Clerk’s Office is hosting a contest that will present the first couple to get married in the new year a weekend for two at the Palmer House Hilton, tickets to the musical “Green Day’s American Idiot,” dinner and flowers.

two wedding ringsInterested parties should line up outside the Clerk’s Office in downtown Chicago, which opens at 8:30 a.m. I would think, however, that you’d have to get there a lot earlier to be the first.

The winning couple will apply for a license, and a judge will waive the standard 24-hour waiting period so they can be married immediately. The bride and groom will probably be joined by Cook County Clerk David Orr, who has performed the ceremony for the first newlyweds of the year since 1991.

Think getting married on a Tuesday is strange? Get used to it.

As a result of budget cuts, Cook County’s suburban courthouses will begin to close on the weekends, which means that Cook County couples interested in a wedding or civil union ceremony performed by a judge will either have to go downtown on Saturdays or do it at a suburban location during the week.

The closings will save the county an estimated $1.9 million next year.

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