Your Experience Could Earn You a Flight

January 02, 2012

Ever been on a life-changing trip? Want to win one?

Chicago-based Amble Resorts Travel is hosting a contest in which travelers can post a personal, life-changing travel experience on the company’s blog for a chance to win a flight to anywhere in the world.

Amble founder, Benjamin Loomis, is hoping the contest sparks conversations between travelers who share a passion for adventure, culture and the environment.

“Travel is an intimate endeavor,” he said. “You come away from a meaningful travel experience with your own perceptions and opinions. It’s these profoundly personal responses that we’re hoping everyone will share through the contest.”

Loomis is trying to present his blog, The Ambler, as a trusted resource for travelers from all over the world who want to find new meaning for their lives with each journey they take.

Think I could capture the sympathy vote by entering that I’ve never really left my Chicago real estate to travel anywhere exciting? Can’t hurt to try!

Submissions to the Life-Changing Travel Contest will be accepted through Jan. 15. The public will then get to vote on the top 10 finalists from Jan. 18 through Jan. 31. The winner will be announced on Feb. 1. I’ll have my bags packed Feb. 2.

The prize is a $1,500 voucher to the airline of your choice.

Ready to enter? Visit amble.com/ambler.

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