Sustainability Trends for 2012

January 11, 2012

white figure holding a magnifying glass over a green house.If you haven’t noticed, efforts to increase sustainability are on the rise. Both governments and businesses are learning to balance our current needs with our future needs. Here are a few New Year’s predictions for sustainability according to Dan Probst, Chairman of Energy and Sustainability Services at Jones Lang LaSalle.

Buildings and cities, for numerous reasons, are more willing to measure and disclose their energy usage, carbon emissions and other sustainability-related figures. Five major U.S. cities and two states have enacted energy performance measurement and disclosure policies, while nine more cities and states are considering legislation.

Global Consistency:
Because cities, states and companies are now reporting their carbon emissions and the like, a universal set of standards is necessary. It’s possible the greatest obstacle to sustainability efforts has been the lack of consistent standards for quantifying what sustainable really is. A common vocabulary must be established for everyone to be on the same page in terms of realizing so that conversations about effectiveness and achievement can begin.

Public/Private Collaboration:
2011 was a banner year in which partnerships between government and business helped achieve sustainability goals. In December, the U.S. government began the Better Buildings Challenge for energy retrofit along with 60 CEOs, mayors, university presidents and labor leaders. The initiative puts $2 billion toward energy upgrades of federal buildings and $2 billion of private capital to improve energy certain private buildings.

Focus on Solar Energy:
Worldwide interest in solar energy is growing while costs of fuel continue increasing. U.S. solar installations skyrocketed in 2011, and 2012 will bring an unprecedented increase in utility-based installations.

The common theme to these trends is taking sustainability to the next level. The industry has finished initial phases of the endeavor and 2012 will be a year for huge progress, growth and success. Where do you see Chicago real estate going in the coming year?

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