A Slice of Pizza, A Bunch of Fun

January 22, 2012

chicago pizzaPizza is synonymous with Chicago, but how much do you actually know about this delicious, deep-dish delivery food? No matter your pizza preference, take the Slice of Chicago Pizza Tour and learn a little.

On the tour, participants will have the opportunity to sample three of Chicago’s best deep-dish pizzas. But have no fear, there will be no wait time nor a long line.

Within the time span of two hours, participants will be able to compare several different Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas. The short timeframe allows pizza lovers to notice the similarities and differences in crusts, cheeses, spices and sauces.

While participants sample away, guides will tell the city’s pizza history, focusing on each of its most legendary figures.

Above all, participants will be able to enjoy Chicago’s best pizza while walking to take in the city’s sights and sounds that also contribute to making it such a great city. Don’t forget a bottle of water!

Pizza tours begin at Pizzeria Uno, and tickets can be purchased online. Private tours can also be scheduled for any date and time, but are subject to availability and a minimum group size. Visit Slice of Chicago Pizza Tours online for more information.

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