Real Estate Professionals, It’s Time to Diversify

January 23, 2012

The housing industry has gone through many changes since peaking in 2006. To be successful, real estate professionals need to change with the landscape.

Today’s hottest commodity: Renters.

Rental-marketing specialist RentJuice has released its latest whitepapers, which reveal the tips a broker needs to tap into this industry and grow a real estate business in today’s market.

The numbers are there: More people are renting than ever before, the rental market is booming and rental vacancies are at an all-time low. Rentals are especially popular in Chicago real estate, where the vacancy rate of 3.6 percent is among the lowest in the country. The national rate is 9.8 percent.

young family in front of a home with a sign that says for rent.There are many reasons for the increase in renters.

*People are afraid to invest in this unstable economy.

*Many home buyers can not afford a mortgage or are unable to get one.

*The massive increase in foreclosures and short sales has equated to more renters.

According to RentJuice’s CEO, David Vivero, the rental market is “not a bubble, fad or a temporary for now type of industry. A rental division is a sustainable revenue stream for your real estate business, and it’s here to stay.”

And it could pay off in the future as well. Many renters are young adults who will eventually grow up and buy homes. Build a relationship with them as a rental broker and you’ll have them later when they are ready to invest.

RentJuice can get you going. Download the site’s latest whitepapers for free to find out the seven steps it takes to be successful as a rental broker. The company can help you achieve each step and is offering a free month for eligible participants.

According to a study conducted by Barron’s, there will be 6.4 million more rentals and 5.5 million less owned homes by 2013. That comes out to a $6.2 billion shift in commission over the next two years.

So, what do you have to lose by downloading RentJuice’s whitepapers and seeing what it takes to succeed? Apparently, a lot of real estate opportunities.

Visit RentJuice.com and get ready to diversify.

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