Opower Energy Comparisons Hit Facebook

February 01, 2012

opower facebook appGoing green can mean going social. One company is allowing Chicago homeowners to compete with Facebook friends to see who can have the lowest energy usage.

Opower sends its 5 million customers energy bills that allow them to see how much power they use when compared to owners of similar homes. But why compare yourself to people you don’t even know? The company’s next step is developing a Facebook application for users to see how their energy usage stacks up to that of their Facebook friends.

As early as this year, Opower’s Facebook application will allow users to invite friends to compare utility statistics. Comparisons will be made at the personal level, and users can even join teams to combine their energy usage to see how they stack up against other teams. Facebook users who outperform others in the same type of home will receive smiley faces on their energy report. And with Facebook’s 800 million users, there is huge potential for Opower to spread information on energy efficiency and recruit more users to start being more energy conscious.

But that’s not all: Opower is integrating multiple technologies to help homeowners become more conscious of their energy usage. A Web site will allow customers to find out specifics of their usage, text message alerts can warn about high bills, and customer service calls include tips on being energy efficient. Opower claims that these things alone will save 2 to 4 percent off of the average homeowner’s energy usage.

What kinds of ways do you cut back on energy usage in your Chicago new homes? Would competing with friends for lower energy usage motivate you to use less energy? Let us know what you think!

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