Plan an Easy Super Bowl Party at Home

February 03, 2012

Sunday is the Super Bowl! I’m hosting a party in my Chicago real estate, and you are all invited!

Make some cute football-themed treats at home to save money and create the mood.

Hmmm. I don’t know that my humble abode will fit all our loyal readers. How about this: Instead, I’ll share with you tips for throwing an inexpensive, organized Super Bowl party so you can have a successful bash in your own home.

*The House: You’re having a party. You have to clean. It doesn’t have to be a major clean, but be sure to concentrate especially on the rooms in which you will be and the bathrooms your guests will use. Make sure the latter is stocked with plenty of toilet paper, soap and clean towels. There is rain in the forecast this weekend: If it freezes, be sure your guests have a safe walkway to get into your home.

*The Scene: You can go out and buy decorations galore at the party store, or you can print some out online and hang them up to get in the mood. Got kids? Get them coloring! It will keep them busy while the adults watch the pregame. Throw some real footballs onto the scene and enjoy your Super Bowl atmosphere.

*The Setting: Arrange chairs in advance so you know everyone has a seat and that there is still walking room. Set up an area on the floor for kids if you are short on space. Put the game on every TV in rooms you allow guests so they don’t miss a thing (put a radio in the bathroom tuned to the game!) and have seating set up in those rooms too. You also want to have a room available with seating for those completely uninterested in the Super Bowl or its commercials.

*The Food: While it’s nice to have food options sitting in front of you, to keep your party more spill-free and organized, set up a buffet table in an area away from where everyone is sitting. Have plenty of plates, napkins, utensils and cups, all in paper form for easy clean-up, and make sure you have garbage and recycling bags set up for easy use. Make it potluck and ask each of your guests to bring something to save money.

*The Drinks: Many Super Bowl parties include alcohol, so we aren’t going to skirt the issue. To be cost-effective, consider getting a mini keg instead of stocking up on cases of beer. Make sure there are plenty of designated drivers so people can get home safely, or be prepared to offer your home up for the night. Be sure you have drinks for non-drinkers and plenty of water.

*The Facts: You’re the host. You should really know what’s going on.

What: Super Bowl XLVI (46)

Who: New York Giants (they will be wearing white) vs. the New England Patriots (they will be in blue)

Where: At Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis

Why: You don’t like football? Check out the commercials: They’re half the fun!

*The End: Have your guests help you clean up the party when it’s over, and send them home with food you don’t want. Having a Super Bowl party doesn’t have to be time-consuming, stressful or expensive. Plan it right, and you’ll be able to watch every down of the game in the comfort of your own home.

Have fun!

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