Secure Your Set and Save Your Children

February 09, 2012

There seems to be a terrible epidemic affecting children who live in metro Chicago real estate. It’s not a virus or a disease, it’s a television.

Four Chicago-area children have died over the last four months after TVs have fallen on them.

The most recent fatality was on Tuesday, when a 1-year-old boy died after a set weighing more than 100 pounds fell off an aquarium stand and onto his head. On Wednesday, a 2-year-old girl from Chicago’s Auburn-Gresham neighborhood was trying to climb a dresser when a 27-inch television and the dresser fell on her. She is in the hospital in serious condition.

Think it’s time to rethink your television’s position?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is urging parents to be sure televisions have the support they need to avoid these tragic accidents.

Some television sets weigh an excess of 300 pounds, and a lot of today’s tubes are front-heavy and easy to tip over. The safest place for a TV is bolted to a stand or mounted to a wall or to the floor.

Here are some other safety tips:

*Be sure the TV is on a stand or shelf that is big and sturdy enough to support its weight and size.

*The stand or shelf should be a low piece of furniture placed as far back against the wall as possible.

*Don’t put the TV set on anything that has drawers that children can stand on.

*Don’t put VCRs, remote controls, movies, toys or anything else on top of the TV sets that children might want to climb and get.

*If you don’t feel your television is secure, place a baby gate around it so it can’t be accessed.

*Keep all electrical cords out of the reach of children.

According to the CPSC, a child dies every two weeks when something in the home falls on him, and 70 percent of the time it is a television set. Take these steps to ensure it doesn’t happen in your home or, at the very least, monitor your child at all times around these seemingly dangerous forms of entertainment.

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