Have Those Surveyors Tried Our Pizza?

February 29, 2012

They dislike us. They really dislike us!

Illinois has been voted the second least favorable state in the country.

Illinois' crooked politicians, like Rod Blagojevich, no doubt mar the view of our state, but we've bred good politicians too, including our own President!

Over the last four months, Public Policy Polling asked 1,200 American voters to give their impressions of each state. What they found is that most states are favorably viewed. Only five fell in negative territory, with Illinois up there at No. 2.

The most negatively viewed states in the country:

1. California: 27 percent view as favorable versus 44 percent unfavorable.

2. Illinois: 19 percent favorable versus 29 percent unfavorable.

3. New Jersey: 25 percent favorable vs. 32 percent unfavorable.

4. Mississippi: 22 percent favorable vs. 28 percent unfavorable.

5. Utah: 24 percent favorable vs. 27 percent unfavorable.

We have still room to improve: 52 percent answered “not sure” to the question “Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the state of Illinois?”

According to the survey, women have a higher opinion of Illinois than men by 13 percent and Republicans apparently despise our state only slightly less than California. Sorry, Obama.

I’m sure you can guess the state seen most favorably by Americans: It’s Hawaii, with 54 percent favorable and only 10 percent unfavorable, followed by: Colorado: (44-9), Tennessee (48-14), South Dakota (42-8), Virginia (45-13), Montana (39-7), Alaska (46-17), Oregon (43-14), and North Carolina and Pennsylvania (each 40-11). Ten others are in positive territory by at least 21 points.

Want to read the survey? Visit publicpolicypolling.com.

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