Chicago Homebuilder William Ryan Homes Offers Guaranteed Buy and Lease Programs

March 02, 2012
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Chicago New Homes by William Ryan

Two exciting and helpful programs for homeowners are currently being offered by Chicago homebuilder William Ryan Homes. The Guaranteed Sale program is for buyers purchasing a primary residence from William Ryan Homes. The buyer needs to have sufficient equity in their current home, which must be a single-family residence, located in an area where properties sell within normal real estate time, be marketable in its current physical condition and be aesthetically pleasing.

The first step in the Guaranteed Sale program is for the buyer to make an offer on a home from William Ryan Homes. After the offer is accepted, William Ryan Homes presents the buyer with a guaranteed sales proposal. Once the buyer accepts the program offer, their house is marketed by a William Ryan Homes preferred Realtor for a minimum of 90 days or until the buyer’s new home is completed. If the buyer’s house does not sell during this period, William Ryan Homes will buy it for the agreed price and the buyer will then close on their new home.

The Guaranteed Lease program is for buyers that purchase a new home from William Ryan Homes and want to lease their existing home through Marketplace Homes.  Marketplace Homes will arrange to lease the buyer’s previous home for up to six years. The buyer receives a payment every month, even if the tenant doesn’t pay or even if there isn’t a tenant. In addition, utilities, maintenance and repairs are handled by Marketplace Homes.

Both programs are designed to make it easier for the buyer to purchase their dream home and lessen the burden of selling or leasing their previous home. William Ryan Homes, founded in 1992, has served over 9,000 homebuyers in five states and several metropolitan markets including Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, Tampa, Phoenix and Dallas/Ft. Worth. To find out more about the programs offered by Chicago homebuilder William Ryan Homes, visit

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