Seeing Signs that People are Ready to Buy

April 05, 2012

A recent business article in the Washington Post, Small businesses in homebuilding industry see signs that people are ready to buy, says that the housing industry may be on the mend.

The article shares the stories of several builders and building-related companies across the nation who are seeing a sudden increase in business.

The article cites one example of Stonecrest Homes, an Atlanta-based home builder that sold 18 houses in January and February, up from two in the first two months of 2011.

And while some companies aren’t yet seeing the huge increase in sales that Stonecrest has experienced, they are seeing an increase in prospects – interest from potential buyers is on the rise.  Foot traffic to communities has grown and sales staff are reporting that prospects seem more and more serious about buying.

While it’s still too early to pronounce an end to the housing crisis, this is encouraging news. Resales and foreclosure sales have increased, and home builders know that this is good for the industry as a whole.

And while there’s been an overall slight increase in business, growth has been spotty. The business owners interviewed in the article report inconsistent improvement in business – up one quarter, down the next; but they are keeping an optimistic outlook for the remainder of 2012 and next year.

Do you feel the same about Chicago real estate? Sales agents, are you seeing an increase in foot traffic in your communities?  Suppliers and trade contractors, have you seen a recent increase in calls for new projects?  Let us know!

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