Peaceful Protestors Looking for Some Chicago Homes

May 10, 2012

Want to play a part in next week’s NATO Summit? Open up your Chicago real estate to protestors.

Occupy Chicago is searching for housing for NATO protestors coming in town from around the world and is hoping Chicago homeowners will open their doors and backyards to give these activists a place in our city to call home.

According to Occupy Chicago, “People are coming from all over the world to let their dissent on NATO be known: ‘We do not accept the violence of this imperialist war machine! Schools and hospitals, not bombs and drones! Do not turn Chicago into a police state!’

“Regardless their reasons these peaceful protestors need a place to rest their head; somewhere to stay out of the cold and the rain, and away from police who will throw them in jail simply for trying to sleep on public land.”

Protestors staying with Chicago hosts are instructed to follow the Occupy Chicago NATO Housing Principles:

occupy chicago demonstrators1. Leave no trace.

2. Respect your host.

3. No drugs or alcohol at your host location.

4. No loud noise levels.

The group promises your property will be a safe and peaceful environment. In fact, if you can provide a bigger venue, Occupy Chicago will send representatives to be sure their housing principles are followed.

Occupy Chicago’s plea: “If you are a church or Chicagoan with a back yard for tents, a building renter or owner with extra rooms, or anyone else who can house, please contact us at or call 773-536-9634. This number and email can also be used by those who need housing. Please include dates, number you can host/need housing, phone, email, and name.”

It’s one way to become part of this historical event.

NATO Note: We told you that the Adler Planetarium, Art Institute of Chicago and Shedd Aquarium will be closed to the public on Sunday, May 20 because of the Summit. Now it has been announced that all three will be closed for three days; Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The Field Museum will be closed on Monday but open the other two days.

Personal Note: Our Chicagoland Real Estate Forum subscribers might have seen part of this story yesterday, as it was inadvertently published before it was ready. We wanted to be sure you got the whole story, so we published it again. And we will continue to bring up you NATO updates as they arise.

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