Mayor’s Reign Reaches One Year

May 16, 2012

Wednesday, May 16 marks a milestone in Chicago: It’s the one-year anniversary of Rahm Emanuel being sworn in as Mayor of our fair city.

emanuelIt’s been a busy year. Throughout it, Emanuel convinced companies to relocate to Chicago, secured more than 13,000 private-sector jobs, passed a budget that saves taxpayers money through budget cuts and consolidations, put more than 1,000 desk-duty police officers on the streets, created a $7 billion infrastructure plan called Building a New Chicago, and launched a tourism organization to bring more dollars to the city.

Of course, there is still much to do. Chicago’s unemployment rate was 9.9 percent in March, much higher than the 8.2 percent national rate. Chicago homeowners and business owners will face a $550 million property tax increase in 2015 unless money is found to support pension funds. The homicide rate has risen more than 50 percent over the last year. And, it remains to be seen whether this week’s NATO Summit, which wouldn’t be here without Emanuel, will be a big economic boost or a dooming disaster to Chicago and its residents.

Still, the city wasn’t built — and won’t be fixed — in a year, and Chicagoland Real Estate Forum gives Mayor Rahm Emanuel an “A” for a strong first year in office.

“In one year we have made significant progress toward securing Chicago’s future. We have worked to make our government more effective, to deliver better services at a more competitive price, and to open government to the public,” said Mayor Emanuel.

“Although there is still much to do, I am more confident now than ever that the challenges for the city of Chicago are no match for the character of the people of Chicago.”

Mayor Emanuel has released a 32-page report highlighting the progress he has made in Chicago since taking office. Click here to see the report, or visit for the report, a public feedback form, video clips and other resources.

Keep up the good work, Rahm!

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