The Loop’s About to Get a lot More Colorful

June 03, 2012

Chicago has displayed cows, a giant eye, even Marilyn Monroe. Now part of the Chicago real estate scene is going to get much more vibrant through a new art project in the Loop.

Color Jam is a three-dimensional display being placed at State and Adams by Chicago-based artist Jessica Stockholder, a teacher at the University of Chicago. The art show includes 76,000-square-feet of bright, colored vinyl that will cover everything from buildings to sidewalks, crosswalks and lampposts.

This is the third public artwork display commissioned by the Chicago Loop Alliance for the Art Loop series. It will also feature a series of public programs in the form of concerts, talks, virtual interactions and other events throughout the Loop this summer.

The Alliance says Color Jam aims to create the sensation of “walking through an animated film.

“Massive in scale and playful in its use of public space, “Color Jam” will place viewers in the middle of a work of art. As people approach a central Loop intersection – on foot or in a vehicle – flashes of color will begin to reveal themselves: a stripe on the pavement, an unusual shape on a high floor of a skyscraper. Closer to the corner, color will begin to intensify and overtake the field of vision. Geometric shapes will form as they spill from buildings onto the sidewalk, overtaking traffic lanes, joyously “jamming” the street. And in the middle of the intersection – a vortex of color and shape will mark the Loop’s latest destination.”

Color Jam, which will be summer’s largest art installation, officially opens June 5 and will be on display through September, proving that Chicago is anything but boring.

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