Midwest Real Estate Data Announces Latest Enhancement: connectMLS™

June 23, 2012

MRED LogoMidwest Real Estate Data (MRED), the Chicagoland multiple listing service (MLS), announced the successful implementation of the latest enhancements to its MLS system, connectMLS™.

The connectMLS™ version 4.2 MLS system is the backbone of the local real estate agent’s business. Populated with property listings encompassing the entire Chicagoland market, the MRED system provides access to invaluable information and functionality to all MRED brokers, agents and appraisers who rely on the MLS to conduct their business 24/7 — to either market their sellers’ properties or to find new homes for buyers. Even in the current market, more than $19 billion in real estate sales have been directly supported by the MRED connectMLS™ system in the last year.

MRED and its MLS system vendor, dynaConnections, are always researching ways to improve the MLS and provide even better service and functionality to MRED customers. connectMLS™ 4.2 premiered several cutting-edge features that will maintain its stature of being at the forefront of MLSs across the country.

A few of the new features include:

  • Default searches for each property type.
  • Saving and instant recall of the previous 20 searches, including a Previous Searches widget on the My MLS home page.
  • Power (Natural Language) Searching.
  • Bing 7 mapping enhancements down to the parcel level.
  • Updated Driving Directions with an integrated Buyer Tour function.

“All MRED staff work tirelessly with dynaConnections to identify, design, test and implement modifications to the connectMLS™ system to increase the functionality and benefits it provides to our customers,” said MRED CEO Russ Bergeron. “We proudly provide connectMLS™, as well as a vast array of the other products and services, because we know we are a critical part of the modern real estate professional’s business. We can’t let up, because they can’t. It’s an incredibly successful partnership that can continue only if we continue to deliver on our part of the bargain.”

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Jeff Lasky is the Director of Communications and Training at Midwest Real estate Data LLC. Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED) is the real estate data aggregator and distributor providing the Chicagoland multiple listing service (MLS) to nearly 40,000 brokers and appraisers and 8,000 offices. MRED serves Chicago and the surrounding "collar" counties and provides property information encompassing northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana.

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