Artful New Wall Coverings by Roger Thomas at Maya Romanoff

July 03, 2012

Roger Thomas CollectionEasy to install Maya Romanoff wall coverings and surfacing materials can be found in Chicago real estate and all over the globe in commercial and residential settings.

The company is excited to announce the launch of the Roger Thomas Collection for Maya Romanoff, which was unveiled earlier this spring. This exciting collaboration is the product of more than a decade long relationship of collaboration between Roger Thomas and Maya Romanoff.  Over the years, Maya Romanoff has turned to Roger Thomas time and again for his exacting eye when finalizing a product design or color palette. Roger, in turn, has exhibited his innate understanding of Maya Romanoff with his unconventional and inventive use of product for luxe and varied settings.

Thomas brings his passion for travel and American craftsmanship, draws from nature and fine art and pulls from the spontaneity of the hand and the capabilities of the machine, creating products that both organic and timeless.  The first two products introduced for the launch are Tremolo and Moon Lake, which were developed and produced on-site in Maya Romanoff’s Chicago Studio.

Tremolo, available in nine colorways, was inspired by a scrap of industrial material covered in 18 karat gold, and was created to be both opulent and pragmatic. The surface begins with an embossed vinyl base artfully layered with multiple hand-applied coats of metallic color, resulting in a delicate balance of consistency of line and viscosity of paint.

Roger Thomas found the inspiration for Moon Lake in the fluid, flowing properties of paint. The product was designed around the image of dripping pigmente, creating its shape according to ground, gravity and its own viscosity. Moon Lake is an elegant, textural image available in eight colorways.

For more information, visit wwww.MayaRomanoff.com.

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