Illinois Wants to Give Residents Their $1.5 Billion

July 09, 2012

Hey, Chicago real estate dwellers: There’s a good chance you have cash coming to you.

Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford on Monday announced that 780,000 new Illinois residents have been added to the state’s Cash Dash unclaimed property program, which now has a new name: I-Cash.

Often times, people move and lose track of their assets. Businesses and banks are required to turn over unclaimed accounts to the state’s treasurer’s office, and this program, which started in 1999, helps Illinois residents reclaim those assets.

The almost 800,000 new names that were recently added to the database are from records prior to 1992, before a computer system upgrade streamlined the database’s maintenance.

According to Rutherford, one-in-eight Illinois residents has an asset to be claimed through I-Cash, which includes $1.5 billion. He recommends residents “discover what’s yours” by visiting the program’s new website and searching the database.

“Our goal through this program rebranding is to raise awareness and reunite even more Illinois residents with their unclaimed assets,” said Rutherford.

“The chances are even greater now that you, or someone you know, will discover cash or assets in the database with the recent addition of 780,000 names. Illinois residents have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by searching the I-Cash website.”

I’m going to go check it out now. Ready to join me? Visit icash.illinois.gov. Good luck!

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