Gang-Infested Chicago Real Estate Coming Down

July 12, 2012

Two vacant buildings were set to be demolished on Thursday through a new crime-fighting program aimed at making Chicago a safer place to live.

In all, almost 200 vacant buildings of Chicago real estate will either be torn down or boarded up in the near future, as each has been determined to be hubs for violence, crime and gang activity.

7101 s. rhodes

This vacant building, at 7101 S. Rhodes, is one of the first pieces of Chicago real estate to be demolished for being a hub of gang activity.

The Department of Buildings has dedicated $4 million to this new initiative, and the Chicago Police Department has identified sites where gang members and criminals are consistently found.

Most of the buildings are structurally sound and eventually can be put to good use, so they will be boarded up and secured. Twelve of those properties will be destroyed due to their poor structural stability and status as gang havens.

The program will focus on the 7th, 11th, 8th and 10th districts but will be expanded as deemed necessary. The first two buildings to come down are located at 7101 S. Rhodes Avenue and 6747 S. Laflin Street.

The city has also been cracking down on businesses used by gangs for illegal activity. Over the last two months, 37 local businesses have been flagged, 18 have been cited and several have had their licenses revoked and were shut down.

“With these actions we are sending a clear message to gang members: you will find no shelter in the City of Chicago,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“And whether it is a vacant building or a liquor store, we are committed to closing down cancers on our communities that serve as magnets for crime and gang activity.”

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