Getting Internet in Every Room of Your Chicago New Home

July 12, 2012

keyboardAre you still confined to your home office or den for all your internet browsing, online bill paying, social networking, etc.? Well it’s time for your internet connection to grow up!

The Tecca article “How to get internet in every room of your house” describes the various methods for installing internet in your home. Many are obvious (like using wifi), but some are a little more creative.

Wifi is the most common technique. A single router broadcasts a signal that passes through the floors, walls and ceilings in y our home to reach your computers. But, wifi has its disadvantages. An improperly secured network leaves your internet vulnerable to attack by hackers and you may have trouble connecting to your signal if your home has thick walls, or if there are many walls between your router and computer.

Cabling will provide the fastest and most reliable connection, so you could run cables from your router to the computers in your home. You could run cables through the walls, floors and ceilings of your home and install cable jacks in every room. But this could be challenging. Running cables through the walls isn’t a Do-It-Yourself kind of project for most of us, so you would want to hire a professional to do this.

Easier than pulling cables through the walls in your home, but just as reliable, is powerline networking, which runs your internet connection through the power cables already installed in your home. To set this up, you have to purchase powerline network adapters for each room that needs internet. The adapters just plug directly into the power outlet.  You don’t get as fast of a connection as with a cable, and the adapters are bulky and must be plugged in directly to the wall (not into a surge protector), so they use up outlets – which are quite precious and treasured in some homes.

PNA networking is another option – it’s similar to powerline networking in that it uses the cables already installed in your home. Instead of the electrical cables, it uses the existing phone wiring. These are fairly simple to use, as well, and just require the correct adapters to set it all up.

The methods above explain several solutions for getting internet in rooms in homes, most of which weren’t built with internet cabling in mind – though that is changing. Some home builders are installing wifi and in-wall internet cables into their new homes. Are you seeing this in Chicago new homes?

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