Three Towers Proposed at Former Children’s Memorial Site

August 01, 2012

istockMcCaffery Interests Inc. recently proposed building nearly 1,000 new housing units within three towers on the former Children’s Memorial Hospital site in Lincoln Park, according to a zoning application filed last week.

The towers, with one as high as 27 stories, would transform the six-acre campus at the intersection of Halsted Street and Lincoln and Fullerton avenues. In addition to new housing, the buildings would include 164,500 square feet of retail space,

The new residential Chicago real estate created would consist of a 24-story building at the northeast corner of Lincoln Avenue and Orchard Street with 262 units, a 27-story building with 286 units on the east side of Lincoln south of Fullerton Avenue and a 14-story building with 150 units on the west side of Lincoln south of Fullerton. Also, an existing building will be converted into housing units.

For several months, McCaffery representatives have been pitching their plan for the property to neighborhood groups. Because it is a large-scale project, residents will discuss issues such as heights of the towers, traffic levels and loading docks at future neighborhood meetings.

However, the developer has already made changes to the original plans to meet resident concerns, and will likely continue to work with residents to make this a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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