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August 12, 2012

Design your own dream kitchen from PulteWhether you are an everyday cook or a “foodie” at heart, the kitchen is a fundamental element of the home. It is one of the necessary and functional spaces that can tell guests a great deal about the homeowner; every color, design feature and item within it speaks volumes about that person’s distinct personality. More often than not, the kitchen is also the main entertaining space used for guests, so the planning that goes into a new kitchen is important to many new homebuyers. Unfortunately, the actual process of designing a kitchen can be time consuming and problematic. However, Pulte Homes  is now offering new home buyers a simple solution to their kitchen design woes with their new interactive Dream Kitchen Studio tool.

The Kitchen Studio tool allows buyers to create their “dream kitchen” by personalizing one of six designs. Pulte Homes prides themselves on using Life Tested designs created by homeowners like you, and the Dream Kitchen program marries these excellent designs with a future buyer’s personal style. With the quick click of a mouse, the selected kitchen’s walls, trim, cabinets, countertops and floors easily change color and texture, immediately giving buyers a visual of what they may want in a kitchen. It’s as easy as that!

Using the Kitchen Studio tool, the kitchen planning stage for buyers of Chicago new homes doesn’t have to be time consuming, and it can even be enjoyable! You won’t have to settle for an uninspired kitchen that doesn’t suit your tastes because every click you make brings your dreams closer to reality. As Pulte Homes’ says, “Don’t settle for someone else’s dream kitchen. Build your own!”

Interested in creating your dream kitchen or looking for more information?  Visit the Pulte Homes website.

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