Teachers Strike Update and Two Ways to Win

September 09, 2012

An update to a story we ran yesterday: Chicago Public School teachers are going on strike.

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis addressed the media late Sunday night with the somber news that city teachers will be spending Monday out of the classroom and on the picket line.

“This announcement is made now,” said Lewis, “so that our parents and community are empowered with this knowledge and will know that schools — real schools — will not open tomorrow. Please seek alternative care for your children.

“And, we ask all of you to join us in our education justice fight for a fair contract, and call on the mayor and CEO [Jean-Claude] Brizard to settle this matter now.”

Negotiators for Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union spent hours in talks over a new contract this weekend, but no agreement was reached.

Teachers at Chicago’s Charter Schools are not going on strike. The CPS is offering room for students who most need it at 144 “Children First” sites. To read about the CPS backup plan and how to sign up for it, visit Chicago Real Estate Forum.

* * *

Another story update: We recently told you about an election-related contest being run by, which is seeking a leader for the “Vacation Party.”

Read about the contest at this Chicago Real Estate Forum link.

Orbitz vacation giveawayAfter receiving nearly 100 submissions, the online travel company has chosen three finalists, and now it’s up to the public to vote for their favorite.

While it was disappointing to see that none of the finalists — John Cragen of California, Andy Nguyen of New York and Walt Arnett of Kentucky — hail from Chicago, you should know that you can still win a prize. Each day you vote on the site’s Facebook page, you’ll be entered for a chance to win free flights for yourself!

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Finally, a new story: And, a new game. The Illinois Lottery on Sunday will start selling tickets for My3, in which players can pick their favorite numbers without having to specify what type of wager is being made.

The game, which lottery officials say is not replacing the Pick 3 Lotto, will have two daily drawings. Players must match all three numbers in order to win $200. You can win less if you pick the right numbers but not in the right order.

Ready to win? Click here. If you win, keep us updated.

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