Chicago Digital Marketing Conference Explores Real Estate Advertising

September 16, 2012

2012 chicago digital marketing conferenceFrom September 17 to September 19, Chicago will host digital media companies from around the world at the BIA/Kelsey’s Small Business Digital Marketing 2012 conference. The event focuses on recent trends in small-business advertising. According to BIA/Kelsey, real estate is one of the top categories that is behind a triple-digit increase in mobile ad revenue in the Chicago area.

Growth in mobile ad revenue is trending all across the U.S. but is especially notable in the Chicago real estate sector. In 2011, mobile ad spending in the Chicago area real estate industry totaled $426,000. Mobile local ad spending in the real estate category is predicted to grow to over $2.6 million in 2016.

U.S.  advertisers are becoming more and more interested in mobile marketing. At a national level, local mobile ad revenues are expected to grow from $784 million in 2011 to a total of $5.01 billion in 2016.

This year’s SMB Digital Marketing conference will discuss several aspects of digital marketing, including mobile advertising as well as social media and deals. The event will also explore what is currently working successfully for sales teams, agencies and resellers.

What is especially notable about Chicago’s role in the conference is that the city is expanding as a leading teach hub that is devoted to fulfilling the marketing needs of small businesses, both in the real estate sector and in the financial, insurance and technology sectors as well.

As advertisers are continually drawn to mobile marketing, it looks as if Chicago will continue to stand out in the industry.

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