Chicago Teachers Strike is Over

September 18, 2012

Chicago Public School parents: Your students will have real estate in Chicago to go to tomorrow other than your own.

The strike is over.

real estate in chicagoThe Chicago Teachers Union House of Delegates on Tuesday voted to suspend the city’s first teachers strike since 1987, meaning all Chicago Public Schools will be in session Wednesday morning.

The seven-day city strike over contract disputes — including teacher evaluations and job security — put over 25,000 CTU members on the picket lines and displaced more than 350,000 city students just after the start of the school year.

The picketing shut down streets at times in the nation’s third-largest city, and the teachers fight and its key points gained national attention. Mayor Rahm Emanuel pushed for an end to the walkout and even filed an injunction in circuit court to force teachers back into the classroom. A hearing scheduled for Wednesday will no longer be necessary.

“Every day our kids are kept out of school is one more day we fail in our mission: to ensure that every child in every community has an education that matches their potential,” said the mayor on Monday. “While the union works through its remaining issues, there is no reason why the children of Chicago should not be back in the classroom as they had been for weeks while negotiators worked through these same issues.”

Luckily, the teachers union agreed with that statement and ended the walkout the next day.

Today’s decision was solely on the strike, and not on the contract. In the coming weeks, union members will study the proposed contract, which cannot be formally ratified until it is accepted by the full union membership.

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