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September 19, 2012

When I became a Chicago new home owner, I had very little art to cover my still-white walls. So, when I held an open house for friends and family, I actually lugged a giant piece of heavy art from my parents’ house to temporarily hang on a big, blank wall that hits you as you walk in the door.

Of course, I had some explaining to do when friends stopped by three days later and found only the blank wall there to greet them.

chicago new home artwork

Created by Gary Gantert

I could have really used the services of HangItUp Chicago.

The new Evanston-based company not only offers unique artwork designed by local artists to individuals and businesses for sale, but also offers its diverse pieces for rent.

“In today’s new ‘share’ economy, more and more consumers are choosing to rent products,” said HangItUp Chicago founder Amanda Bryant. “In addition, there is a certain amount of cache associated with showcasing the work of these local artists as you instantly become a patron of the arts in Chicago.”

HangItUp Chicago basics:

*Consultants are available for on-site consultations and will bring the artwork to the property.

*The company oversees delivery, installation and rotation of the art.

*Rental agreements come in three-month increments and are based on the value of each piece of art.

chicago new home artwork

Created by Jamie Link

*All artwork is for sale, and a percentage of the rental fee can be applied toward a purchase.

*Artwork is created by emerging and established local artists and includes such mediums as oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, mixed media, photography and sculpture.

*Each piece of art comes with a card listing information on the art and artist.

*Rentals are tax deductible for business owners.

For more information on this service, including biographies of participating artists and images of available art, check out the HangItUp Chicago website, call 847-710-1296 or email

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