Chicago Has the “Greenest” Street in America

October 18, 2012

greenest street in americaA two-mile stretch of Blue Island Avenue and Cermak Road is now considered to be the ‘greenest’ street in America, due to its state of the art sustainable design that may be a model for the future.

The Cermak/Blue Island Streetscape was recently unveiled by the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT). The project cost $14 million and was funded by the the Federal Highway Administration, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and Midwest Generation.

So what exactly is most notable about this “green” street?
The two-mile area boasts the first installation of sidewalk concrete that is made up of 30 percent recycled content and more than 60 percent of all construction waste generated during the project was recycled.

The street is also the first in Chicago to use LED pedestrian light poles in addition to wind and solar powered pedestrian lights. Additionally, the project utilizes a combination of rain gardens, permeable pavements and several other features to divert 80 percent of rainfall from street sewers.

Recently, CDOT has been focusing on developing urban infrastructure with a focus on energy saving features. To find out more about other sustainable CDOT plans, visit the City of Chicago website.

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