New Association Targets Real Estate Listing Misuse

October 20, 2012

chicago real estate listing websiteThe National Association of Real Estate Professionals (NAREP) is a recently formed organization aimed at preventing the misuse of real estate syndication sites. A main goal of NAREP is to provide a place for home buyers where all real estate listings are active and still for sale,  since up to 36 percent of listings on sites such as Zillow and Trulia are no longer active.

NAREP will operate on a non-profit model, and is looking for members to join its association.

The organization hopes to represent 25 percent of all real estate listings nationwide, and will not charge agents to include their contact information in association with their listings. The only fee NAREP will charge is a small $15 to $20 fee when an agent’s property sells.

The NAREP listings website will use data that comes from local multiple listing service databases in order to create a national website  that is licensed in all fifty states.

Since NAREP  launched in early October, the organization still has plenty of room to grow. If you’re interested in learning more or signing up, visit www.NAREP.net.

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