Decorative Ceilings are the Latest Chicago New Home Trend

October 23, 2012

decorative ceilings are a chicago new home trendCeilings aren’t always the most exciting part of a Chicago new home, but the latest building trends are hoping to change that.  The latest home building trends include making ceilings a more notable part of a home.

Ceiling additions can come in the form of mirrors, architectural details, colored paint, beams, windows and wallpaper.

If you are are interested in revamping a ceiling in an already existing home, the good news is that ceiling design can be done on a budget. From using tiles to playing around with different paint colors, there are a variety of ways to make the typical white ceiling a lot more interesting. Installing tiles and moldings can even be a great DIY project.

Though ceilings may not seem like an essential part of a house, the right type of ceiling design can make a room feel larger and more spacious or more comforting and cozy.

High ceilings have been the builder standard in recent years, but now there is a greater interest in designing ceilings that are more in line with a homeowner’s personal preferences, whether that’s dark, more antique style design or a ceiling that emphasizes open space. Builders are also experimenting with trends such as tray ceilings or installing ceiling beams to give homes a more rustic look.

What do you think of the ceiling remodeling trend?

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