New Fireplace Designs are the Latest Interior Trend

November 05, 2012

modern fireplaces for chicago new homesNew fireplace designs are one of the hottest interior trends for 2013. Modern fireplaces are now being designed with an emphasis on angles and sharp edges to mimic to the style of flat-screen TVs.

Homeowners and builders are choosing to install fireplaces made of flush facings and glass rather than the more traditional stone models. Today, around 69 percent of fireplaces that are installed and sold are gas-fueled, direct vented and don’t require a chimney. The direct vents can be installed in almost any type of wall, which makes it easy for even apartment and condo dwellers to enjoy the new modern fireplace designs.

Direct-vent fireplaces use sealed combustion systems, which means air from the outside of the home, rather than the inside, fuels the fire.  Therefore, any unhealthy byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, are filtered outside the home.

Some homeowners are even choosing to use fireplaces that make use of holograms or video screens. While others are replacing older, more dated fireplace designs with geometric black and white finishes.

What do you think of the latest fireplace trends?

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