‘Smart’ Homes are the Latest Chicago New Homes Trend

November 08, 2012

chicago new homes technologyMany Chicago new homes builders are taking advantage of the latest technologies on the market. ‘Smart’ homes allow homeowners to control elements of their home with just a click of a remote or swipe of a smartphone.

One major advantage of smart home technology is that it enables homeowners to save on their energy costs. New thermostats are capable of understanding homeowners’ behavior and can adjust temperatures throughout the day. Home entertainment and security systems can also benefit from new technology; imagine being able to have your favorite song playing on your stereo when you walk into your house at the end of the day!

Chicago-based Smart Tech Homes sold 19 energy-efficient and smart technology homes in 2011, and they currently have 45 sales in 2012. Smart Tech Homes are sold in neighborhoods such as Wicker Park and Logan Square, and range in cost from $379,000 to $619,000.

Other area builders such as Weiss Building & Development of Elgin and William Ryan Homes are also focusing their attention towards new home technologies that can be controlled with just a smartphone.

Currently, ‘hidden’ home entertainment options are quite popular. Homeowners can keep their DVD players or cable boxes out of sight in a basement or closet, and still be able to access them via remote control. Security features such as cameras and electronic door locks are also some of the latest in-demand additions.

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