John Hall Custom Homes Shares Their Winterizing Tips

November 26, 2012

chicago new homes winter tipsWinter is just weeks away, so now is the time to make sure your new home is prepared for the colder Chicago weather!

Here are some of the best winter prep tips from John Hall Custom Homes:

  • Adjust your humidifier. Cold air and low humidity can cause dry skin, so make sure that you modify your humidifier settings to increase the moisture in your air.
  • Change your humidifier filter. If your filter is old and in need of replacing, changing the humidifier settings won’t do much good. Open your humidifier to check if the filter is clogged. Notice a series of white deposits? This means it is time to buy a replacement. Filter replacements can be found at stores such as Home Depot or Target.
  • Change your furnace filter. Your furnace filters should be replaced twice a year, and you should consider using Hepa Filters, which are a higher quality product. By changing your filters once during winter and then again in the spring, you will be allowing for more efficient air flow in your home, and you can also reduce your chance of suffering from allergies.
  • Clean your gutters for potential ice damming, which occurs when water freezes on your roof and backs up. Damage from ice damming may not be covered by your homeowners insurance, so it is important to prevent this issue. Consider installing a gutter heater element that will melt snow and ice and keep your gutter clear. You can also replace your shingles, though this is a more expensive option that should be done by a professional.

Do you have any winter prep tips?

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