The Holidays are a Great Time for Chicago New Homes Discounts

December 03, 2012

chicago new homes discountMany people think of the holidays as a great time to snag discounts on the latest electronics, but December is also the time to get a wonderful deal on a Chicago new home!

The average home on the market this time of year will include price discounts from $2,000 to $10,000, according to AOL Real Estate . Many families don’t want to move during the holidays, so builders often slash prices and offer special gifts and incentives to increase home sales. Popular extra gifts include new flat screen TVs, new refrigerators or washers and dryers.

Another advantage to buying in the off-season is that buyer competition is low, which makes the bidding process easier. Both real estate agents and mortgage lenders have fewer clients to deal with, so there is a greater chance that home buyers will receive specialized attention.

Sellers who list their homes during the holidays are also extremely motivated to sell their home before year’s end, which can give you the upper hand in negotiating. So, whether you choose to buy from a builder or an individual seller, this month will offer plenty of opportunities for great new home deals.

Have you ever purchased a home during the holidays? Feel free to share your experience!

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