Michael Menn, Ltd. Wins Gold Key Award for a Commercial Renovation

December 13, 2012

Chicago Real Estate Forum and Marketing RELEVANCE congratulate for winning a Gold in .

Michael Menn Ltd. stated:
Our clients, Ressurection Healthcare, wanted us to develop and build a new prototype walk-in clinic similar (but not exactly) to the clinics that CVS and Walgreens have developed. The only hiccup was that instead of 250 square-feet and located in a drug store, they wanted their clinic to be 800 square feet and located in Jewel food stores.

Meeting the Challenge: Design
The design challenge was magnified because the only walk-in clinics to date were small, limited in what services they could provide and that they were located in the stores owned by the drug companies. We worked with both the hospital and the food store to understand size, location and services being rendered.

Unlike most walk-in clinics that only provide basic services, we needed to design a clinic that would handle medical services just short of what an emergency room would provide. This requires handicap accessible exam rooms, lab space, office space for either a resident or physician’s assistant, a storage room, reception and waiting area. Additionally, the food store required that we maintain our own bathroom and staff area.

The basic premise for the prototype was to capture the enormous amount of walk-in traffic that a food store maintains every day of the week. Knowing this, everyone (the hospital, the food store and the design/builders) thought locating the clinic adjacent to the pharmacy was the best use of the space.

Meeting the Challenge: Solution
The first item we tackled was the location of the clinic. The clinic needed to be noticed by every patron and needed to blend in to the décor of the food store, yet have its own identity. This was accomplished by locating the clinic adjacent to the pharmacy. This provided a prominent location for the clinic because it was near the front of the store and provided “added value” for the food store because patrons leaving the clinic could have their prescriptions quickly filled at the food store pharmacy.

The original premise for the walk-in clinic was to capture the enormous amount of people that frequent a food store daily (i.e. a mother with her children or an elderly couple or even that 28-year-old shopping for dinner). The “point of use” strategy employed in food store design was expanded to the clinic and the entry was inviting but not overpowering. The clinic maintained its own identity with logos and signage that distinguished itself from the food store.
Logistically, we carved out 800 square feet from the seasonal storage space located on the side of the food store and still provided the food store enough room to store palleted dry goods, soda and beer.

For more information on Michael Menn, Ltd., please visit Michael Menn, Ltd. or call 847-770-6303.

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