Home Design Trends You Won’t Want to Miss in 2013

December 22, 2012

chicago new homes design trends 2013

We recently reported that builders are changing their floor plans to suit the needs of multigenerational households. Yet there are plenty of other 2013 design trends that will also influence Chicago new homes.

Here’s the buzz on what to expect in 2013:

  • Classic yet contemporary. This will be the number one design trend for 2013. Heavy detailing and over-the-top ornamentation is no longer “in.” Homeowners are requesting modern and traditional elements in both interiors and exteriors of their homes. Clean, bright and simple is the way to go, not lavish and overdone.
  • Larger outdoor spaces. Home buyers want outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with the interior design of a home, such as spacious sun rooms.
  • Cost-effective design. Saving money is often a homeowner’s number one priority, so builders are taking this into consideration and creating energy-efficient floor plans that will cut heating and cooling costs.
  • Open floor plans. Gone are the days of closed-off rooms. Now kitchens and family rooms are relying on open space and plenty of lighting to bring families together.
  • Multigenerational living. More builders are including extra master suites and bedrooms to accommodate in-laws or recent grads.
  • Kitchens with a view. Kitchens are often the “heart” of a home, so why not equip dining areas with spacious windows?
  • Green design. Going “green” reduces home operating costs, so this option is always a smart choice. Energy-efficient appliances and higher-quality insulation can save homeowners thousands of dollars.

All of the latest design trends are worth noting, especially because they will bring families together and help homeowners save money in the New Year.

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