Make Your Home More Sustainable with Eco-Friendly Flooring

January 10, 2013

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Sustainability is the number one design trend in 2013, and we’re here to offer the best tips on how to make your home more “green.” One great way to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle is by installing eco-friendly flooring.

Here are some alternatives to standard carpeting.

  • Reclaimed Wood. This type of wood can add plenty of charm and character to your new home, plus reclaimed wood is often less expensive than new hardwood. Choose from a variety of eco-friendly stains and finishes.
  • Recycled glass tile. Glass flooring is easy to clean and easy on the environment. Glass tile is also low maintenance and only needs to be replaced once every 40 years or so.
  • Decorated concrete. This type of flooring can be custom painted and polished, and hardly ever needs to be replaced.
  • Eco-friendly carpet. Purchase recycled fiber carpeting or purchase carpet from a local, earth-friendly business to avoid the toxins that can come with standard carpeting.

Don’t forget to be environmentally friendly when you are installing your new carpet! Avoid noxious chemicals and choose more sustainable adhesives and finishes such as water-based, low-VOC glues.

Now that it’s easier than ever to find green flooring options, why not take advantage of this opportunity to finally replace that old kitchen tile or faded living room carpet?

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