Real Estate Related Google Searches on the Rise

January 17, 2013

chicago real estate internet searches

More and more prospective homeowners are using the web to seek out information on real estate in Chicago. Real-estate related Google searches have risen more than 253 percent during the past four years, according to the National Association of Realtors. The organization also found that 90 percent of home buyers are searching online as part of their home buying process.

Here’s a further breakdown of what homeowners are searching for.

  • Some of the most searched terms for first-time buyers were ‘FHA loan,’ ‘home grants’ and ‘home buyer’ assistance, since more than four out of 10 first-time buyers purchased their homes with a FHA mortgage in 2012.
  • The most searched states for vacation homes were: Florida, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina and South Dakota.
  • The most searched states for retirement homes were: Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia and Washington.
  • Searches for numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, garages, HVAC systems and swimming pools made up 70 percent of searched home features on Realtor.com

But, the best news of all is that Chicago was the number-one most searched metro area in November according to Realtor.com, and the city’s Old Town neighborhood was the number-one most searched neighborhood in the country.

So, what exactly is causing the skyrocketing web traffic? The majority of potential homeowners have Internet access and smartphones, plus new home affordability caused by low interest rates and lower home prices over the last few years is piquing buyer interest.


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