Play Hide and Seek with the Latest New Home Trend

February 10, 2013

Hidden Garden DoorHave you always wanted your own secret hideaway? Then you’re in luck, hidden rooms are the latest new home trend.

So, where exactly are homeowners installing these hidden options? The answer is, everywhere from kitchens to basements or even in gardens. Even better yet, these secret rooms can also add resale value to year home by making it unique and personalized.

Here are just a few top secret room options to consider:

  • Hidden library doors. What better way to add a little mystique to your library then with a secret door attached to your bookshelf? Bookcases are actually the number one most popular place to hide a secret passage—there’s something sort of romantic and charming about being able to harbor a secluded world behind your row of favorite books.
  • Concealed cabinetry. Finding room in your new Chicago home for all of your kitchen utensils and cooking equipment isn’t easy, but concealed cabinetry is a great way to hide clutter in a way that is sleek and modern.
  • Converted walk-in closets. Not everyone uses the entirety of their walk-in closets for clothes. Some homeowners choose to convert part of their walk- in closets into secret reading rooms, for example.
  • Secret wine cellars. A popular secret room photo currently trending on Pinterest is a spiral staircase wine cellar hidden underneath the floorboards of a modern kitchen.

Obviously, these are only a few of many suggestions. A hidden room or a secret passage is a large investment, so make sure to treat it as you would any other major remodeling project and consult the help of professional remodelers and contractors.


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