Federal Initiative Aims to Make Homes Healthier

February 22, 2013

Happy Family in Living RoomSeveral federal agencies have recently come together to launch the “Advancing Healthy Housing—Strategy for Action” campaign, which will address health and economic issues associated with unsafe living conditions.

The Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Surgeon General and the Deputy Secretary of Energy will all become key players in the recently launched initiative. The ultimate goal of the project is to not only improve living conditions for a variety of Americans, but to also ultimately save billions of dollars.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend about 70 percent of their time inside their home, so it’s important to decrease exposure to in-home hazards and health dangers.

The EPA also states that millions of homes are currently suffering from physical issues such as heating, plumbing and electrical deficiencies, damaged paint, roofing problems and high radon gas issues. Homes with structural or physical issues can be especially detrimental to the health of young children as they can lead to indoor air quality issues, which are known to cause asthma and even radon-induced lung cancer.

If you’re a Chicago new homes owner and are interested in learning more about safer housing on a local level, the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) currently offers an Owner Excellence Program, which provides benefits and continuing education to members who are constantly striving to make life better for their residents. The most recent CHA education session for property owners and managers included a mold prevention and mold removal workshop.

For more information on the Owner Excellence Program and upcoming healthy housing events, visit the CHA website.

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