Be Careful when Filing Taxes to Prevent Identity Theft

February 26, 2013

prevent identity theft and stolen tax returnsWith tax season right around the corner, it is important to be careful in your filing to make sure that your refund and identity are not stolen during this busy time of the year, when many Americans’ personal information is at an increased risk of exposure and theft.  Equifax experts explain that identity theft during tax time is on the rise, with more fraud attempts than ever made to the IRS.

Like any other way that your identity can get stolen, tax identity theft starts with the exposure of personal information. Paying extra attention to and controlling who sees your personal information is the first and most important step you can take to keep yourself safe. Follow these steps recommended by Equifax:

  • Keep documents like your Social Security card, Medicare card and birth certificate in a secure place. Only carry these documents with you when absolutely necessary.
  • Never sign a blank form that someone else will complete for you.
  • If you wouldn’t normally file a tax return because, for example, you are a full-time student with no income, be wary of anyone offering to prepare your taxes so you can receive a refund or “free money.”

Follow tips like these and more, and if you need more help to

prevent identity theft, you can sign up for extra protection from Equifax. The Equifax Complete line has everything you need to stay safe and protected from identity theft.

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