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February 26, 2013

Chicago Skyline DataDid you know that the city of Chicago collects more than seven million rows of data each day?  This data includes everything from parking and traffic violation information to crime and health care statistics.

While tackling such a large amount of information seems impossible, local innovators have plans to organize this data by building the first open-source predictive analytics platform. It is known as the SmartData platform, but they just can’t do it without your help.

So, be sure to vote for the SmartData platform as part of the Huffington Post and Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge. Chicago is competing with 19 other cities, and the top five innovations will receive funding plus local and national recognition.

The SmartData platform will analyze large amounts of data that can help Chicago’s leaders make smarter and faster decisions that will improve quality of life for city residents. Organizing and analyzing this data will assist city officials with everything from reducing traffic accidents to planning for snow emergencies.
The SmartData platform isn’t the first one-of-a-kind idea that has marked Chicago as a leader of innovation. The city is also known for creating the first 311 system, a non-emergency number that provides a wealth of information on city services.

Voting for the Mayors Challenge is open through March 6, so click here if you want to see Chicago succeed.

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