NEST Thermostat Offers Affordable Hi-Tech Heating and Cooling

March 01, 2013

Nest ImageReal estate in Chicago is becoming ‘smarter,’ and homeowners are taking advantage of technology in every way possible. One of the latest ‘smart’ technology trends to hit the market is the NEST Learning programmable thermostat, a device that studies your heating and cooling preferences over time so that you don’t have to program the thermostat yourself.

The device can figure out everything from the time of day when you consume the most energy to when you’re out of town or leave for work in the morning. Tony Fadell, founder of NEST, is a former Apple executive who was also one of the creators of the iPod, so, it’s no wonder that the thermostat reaches new technological heights.

Once NEST has your temperate preferences down to a science, the thermostat creates a schedule for your heating and cooling system. Perhaps the best feature of the device, however, is that you can open an online NEST account and manage your thermostat settings via your smartphone.

The hi-tech thermostat also includes a humidity sensor, WI-FI radio and an energy history feature that tracks heating and cooling usage over the span of several weeks.

The NEST thermostat retails for $249 and is available from a variety of online retailers and home improvement stores such as Lowe’s.

Energy-efficient and smart technology products are one of the hottest up and coming 2013 home trends, so don’t be surprised if you see more sustainable thermostat options hitting the shelves during the next few months.

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