The Real Story Behind Homebuilder and Real Estate Agent Relationships

March 21, 2013

Chicago builders and agentsA lot of misconceptions surround the process of purchasing a new home and the use of real estate agents. Many homebuyers are under the impression that if they are interested in buying a new home, they cannot use their own real estate agent to represent their interests. This is simply not true.

In the majority of new home sales, buyers are represented by a real estate agent. The on-site new home sales agent is going to have the best information on the home builder, the building process, the community and other pertinent information to help a buyer make a decision on purchasing a home in that community. A buyer’s agent is a great source of information for home price comparisons in the local area, market data, knowledge about the buying process and the source of many other professional resources for their buyers.

Most homebuilders eagerly welcome the opportunity to work with real estate agents and their clients because they are viewed as more qualified than the average person walking in to their sales center or model home. Homebuyers working with a real estate agent are much less likely to be “just looking at decorating” and truly be in the market for a home.

Another misconception is that real estate agents do not like selling new builder homes.

Real estate agents enjoy selling new Chicago homes because they recognize that new homes offer higher quality construction, more energy efficient materials, warranties, move-in ready up-to-date features  and the ability to customize to a buyer’s taste. Don’t forget that a real estate agent’s job is to find the best home to fit their buyer’s needs.

So, forget the hype you may see that homebuilders and real estate agents don’t want to work together.  They do it every day and the result is more sales and more happy homeowners.

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